Fremont Academy Cell Phone/Smart Watches Policy

  • Fremont Academy permits students to be in possession of cell phones/smart phones/smart watches. However, students are required to silence/turn them off and put them away upon entering the campus.  We are a learning institution and we want our students to enjoy their time here, focus on education, collaboration, and communication. Technology is embraced and utilized, but not through the use of cell phones. We encourage students to leave all phones and electronic devices at home. Fremont Academy is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged personal property.  The only time a cell phone/smart phone may be used is when a student is specifically directed by an administrator in the office setting. Students may not use their phones until the end of the school day.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in the phone being confiscated and taken to the office, whereupon it will be returned to the student or the student’s parent or guardian depending on severity of infraction and frequency. Teachers or administrators may also give additional consequences for using a phone on campus if it is in violation of Ed Code 48900.

    Students who use their phones or social media sites to harass or bully other Fremont students will face disciplinary consequences.  This is the case even if the harassment occurs off campus, but disrupts and affects the learning environment on campus.

    Earbuds may not be used or visible while students are on campus.