• Mission:To prepare students to become outstanding and productive citizens of society.

    Vision:Rose Avenue Elementary-The School of Science and Wellness, is dedicated to promote social, emotional, and academic growth for all students.

    Values Statement:'Our students', not 'my students'. Collaboration not isolation. Recognize and celebrate the good.

Rose Avenue School was established in 1965 and is one of twenty schools in the Oxnard Elementary School District. Rose Avenue School serves 743 Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten through 5th-grade students on a traditional schedule. The school also contains two district preschools on the campus that serves, on the average, 42 students, four special education classes, a science lab, and a library media center. In addition, Rose Avenue receives support from a school counselor, a speech pathologist, a resource teacher, an outreach specialist, an academic coach, 2 full-time Educational Support Teachers, as well as support from a school psychologist and district school nurse, on site. With the school Mission, Vision, and commitments in mind, Rose Avenue Elementary-The School of Science and Wellness, consistently and diligently works to improve student achievement. Hard work and dedication to goals has resulted in Rose Avenue consistently raising our test scores every school year.

The focus behind the success at Rose Avenue School is in the area of teaching and learning. We have transitioned to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) with an emphasis on technology through the implementation of 1:1 devices for all students in grades K-5. We have adopted a new reading/language arts curriculum and continue to use My Math McGraw Hill. In addition, we implement several intervention programs to support students. These include PALS-Teacher Directed Instruction K-3, PASAPORTES K-1 TBE, and SIPPs. The teaching staff at Rose is committed to the process of implementing CCSS and dedicated to higher level thinking and learning for all students. Our teaching staff is collaboratively teaming in the core areas to meet the individual needs of our student population based on their individual needs. Teachers focus on data-driven instruction, assess students formally to monitor student growth in the core areas and meet to analyze student data results monthly to plan instruction and student interventions.

Parents and community members are encouraged to get involved and play an active role in the daily school activities. Understanding the school's educational program, student achievement, and curriculum development assist both school and community in on-going program improvement. We make a commitment to provide the best educational program possible for students. The quality of our program is a reflection of our highly committed and dedicated staff. Rose Avenue School is a welcoming, stimulating and safe environment where students are actively involved in learning academics as well as positive values. Through constant evaluation of the Mission and Vision statement and our commitment, as well as a critical analysis of best practices and changing needs, the staff at Rose Avenue School is dedicated to providing the best start in a journey of life-long learning for all students, families and the community. Rose Avenue communicates this information to all stakeholders on a regular basis including SSC, ELAC, Title One, Coffee with the Principal and PTA meetings and through ConnectED, Facebook, and Twitter.