• Mission:To prepare students to become outstanding and productive citizens of society.

    Vision:Rose Avenue Elementary-The School of Science and Wellness, is dedicated to promote social, emotional, and academic growth for all students.

    Values Statement:'Our students', not 'my students'. Collaboration not isolation. Recognize and celebrate the good.

Rose Avenue Elementary School is dedicated to aligning their daily work with the Oxnard School District’s Vision of Changing the World! We will strive to support our students and provide them with positive experiences to become Inspired, Accomplished, Multilingual Global Citizens in School and Beyond. Rose Avenue Elementary School is also dedicated to aligning their daily work with the Oxnard School District’s Mission. Our goal is to IGNITE students’ passions for learning and empower them to achieve brilliance. TRANSFORM our classroom and school expectations, relationships, and practices to more fully align with our values. NURTURE caring communities that develop students’ full identities, linguistic/cultural/academic excellence, social-emotional health, and life potential. EMBRACE high-leverage services and approaches that translate our values into action. The Mission of Rose Avenue Elementary School is to prepare students to become outstanding and productive citizens of society. Our Vision is that Rose Avenue Elementary School is dedicated to promoting social, emotional, and academic growth for all students. Our Values Statement is for the school community to internalize that we all contribute to the success of our students as we believe in a "our students, not my students" mentality, engage in effective "collaboration not isolation" methods, and prioritize the time to "recognize and celebrate the good". Through the participation of students, staff, parents, and school families towards our shared Vision, Mission, and Values statements, our students will be challenged to reach their maximum potential. As described in our Vision and Mission Statements, Rose Avenue Elementary School is committed to providing a Common Core standards-based educational program that meets both the academic and social-emotional needs for all students. As we continue with one of our foci as a "School of Science", teachers will continue to integrate scientific practices, hands-on activities and experiments as we continue the implementation of our recently adopted Science curriculum, "Twig Science", and continue with the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Our dedicated teachers will focus on data driven instruction, will scaffold instruction to strengthen students' skills on grade-level standards, will provide small group instruction, and will assess students on a regular basis using Star 360 and other class assessments to monitor student growth in the core areas of Reading and Math. Teachers will continue to capitalize on technology via the use of students' 1:1 devices and will continue to utilize the district's adopted Learning Management System, Canvas, in order to enhance instruction, provide resources to students and to communicate with school families. Students will continue to use district provided applications via their iPads which include Lexia Core 5, ST Math, MyOn and Accelerated Reader (AR) to support their academics.

Rose Avenue Elementary School takes pride in our Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS) achievements which include the 2017 PBIS Bronze Award, 2018 PBIS Silver Award, and 2019 PBIS Platinum Award. The Pumas take pride in building a school culture that is nurturing, inclusive and welcoming to all students, staff, families, and community members. We plan to continue our implementation of schoolwide CHAMPS and STOIC protocols in order to provide the school community with a positive, safe and productive learning environment. Rose Avenue's PBIS Team will meet on a monthly basis to analyze student discipline data, identify areas of focus, and provide recommendations to staff in order to strengthen our school's positive learning environment. Our students' social, emotional and behavioral needs will also be met through the MTSS/SST processes as we identify students in need of individual and/or small group counseling services, which will be provided by our School Counselor. As we continue with our school focus as a "School of Wellness", Rose Avenue School will provide many opportunities for social-emotional wellness with positive schoolwide activities that will enhance students' and staff connections to our learning environment such as clubs, school spirit weeks, Restorative Justice practices, Friday messages by our Student Council Leaders, school assemblies, Growth Mindset practices, Kindness Week, Mental Health Awareness, Wellness Wednesdays, and Anti-Bullying Awareness.

Rose Avenue parents and community members are integral in supporting their child to reach their fullest potential. Our English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), School Site Council (SSC), and Parent Teacher Association (PTA) will continue to meet on a regular basis via a hybrid model through both in-person and zoom meetings in order to increase access for all school families. We will continue to maintain constant communication with all school stakeholders through Canvas, our School Website, our School's Marquee, Peachjar flyers, Mass Communication/Messages via Parent Square, and Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). Our School Principal, Outreach Coordinator, School Counselor, and Teachers will encourage parents to become active participants in their children's schooling through facilitating a variety of engaging and meaningful workshops based on parent and family needs. Once our parents/guardians have completed Human Resource's requirements for school volunteers, all parents/guardians will be invited to volunteer in classrooms and will be provided with multiple opportunities to participate in the school's educational program. Rose Avenue communicates this information to all stakeholders on a regular basis including SSC, ELAC, Title One, Coffee with the Principal and PTA meetings and through ConnectED, Facebook, and Twitter.