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    AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a nonprofit that changes lives by helping schools shift to a more equitable, student-centered approach. Educators are trained annually to close the opportunity gap, so they can prepare all students for college, careers, and life.

    As a district which partners with AVID, teachers receive professional development, a suite of resources, and ongoing support to ensure a lasting impact that maximizes their return on investment.  AVID is not "one more thing to do" - goals are aligned to accelerate and enhance the work that is already happening.


    In the Oxnard School District, AVID is utilized in schools with grades 6, 7 and 8:

    Chavez, Curren, Driffill, Frank, Fremont, Haydock, Kamala, Lemonwood, Marshall, and Soria



    "The goal of education in America must be for the purpose of teaching all of our students to the very highest levels - for lifting up all people."

    -Mary Catherine Swanson, AVID Founder


    VISIT: http://www.avid.org/