• Weekly Schedule - Links to the work are below 

    The weekly work will consist of: (1) Warm-Up assignment, (1) Reading Reflection Google Form, (1-2) Classwork assignments. All assingments to be completed are posted to Google Classroom. If students are asked to read a text for the week, that should be done using their StudySync workbook titled "Justice Served", or they can access the reading from the StudySync website. Students should also be reading a chapter book within their reading level for at least 30 minutes everyday. If you do not have chapter books at home, students can read by downloading books from the MyOn app onto their Ipads, or searching for "PDF" copies of books using a Google search. 

     Monday - All weekly work will be posted. Students can complete the work during a time that works best for them, but due dates have been placed on the work to keep students on track. 

    Tuesday - A video tutorial from Mrs. Willis is posted to Google Classroom. The tutorial is a step-by-step instructional video on how to complete the weeks assignments. Students need to turn-in their Warm-Up assignment.

    Wednesday - Students should continue to work on their classwork assignments and reading their chapter books. 

    Thursday - Students should continue and complete classwork assingment, turn in when done.  Students can attend virtual meetings with Mrs. Willis and their classmates using Google Meet

    Friday - Students should complete Reading Reflection Google Form after they've read a total of 2.5 hours in their chapter book for the week. Students can attend the 7th grade meet-up with all 7th grade students and teachers at 1pm using Google Meet.