Ms. D
  • We will be using 2 Math NOTEBOOKS in this Math class. Please let me know if you will need any of these supplies

    The below is requested for Math - with 'Distant Learning' please try to have the following supplies:

    • pencils - sharpened each day
    • 2 high lighters - to high light key items in notes
    • (2) 3 subject college ruled notebooks, one for classwork & one for KWL's
    • graph paper - small squares

    Donations: (IF we go back to the classroom)

    • cleaning wipes
    • kleenex


    My plan (as of 7/7/2020) for the instruction would be the following:

    • A Daily online guided video that students would watch, take guided notes on, take pictures of their notes with their IPad, submit through Google Classroom. (One Notebook)
    • KWL - daily for each video - create a KWL (example will be provided), student take a picture of KWL and submit through google classroom. (The Other Notebook)
    • IXL - 2 hours a week - Submit on THURSDAYs for a grade - more information to come
    • Quizzes - this will ALSO be part of students grades.
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