Wonders/Maravillas Resource Page

  • Please view the short video below for a Maravillas/Wonders Overview:

    Update on Class Naming Glitch:

    In Wonders/Maravillas you may be using the period 16 course rather than period 15. The two 2020 periods are due to a beginning of the year error. See info below.

    • During the beginning of the school year data upload to McGraw Hill, the home room course was mistakenly named period 16 instead of 15. Since the McGraw Hill database is additive only, meaning they don’t delete or overwrite old classes, the teacher is the only one who can delete the class or any older classes.
    • Period 15 now is the synced class and will update every night and keep showing up even if you delete it.
    • That being said, you can use period 16 if you’ve already have student data/work in it. Just realize that you will need to manually add/remove students from you roster. Some staff had begun using 16 and do not want to switch to 15 and start over.
    • McGraw Hill cannot reset everything without a total rollover wiping out everything. We’re stuck with this situation until the 2020-2021 school year.

     Wonders Period Error

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