New Kinder-5th Grade Report Card Guide

  • Welcome Aztecs to the 2021-22 School Year!

    • Important Information

      • If you have not completed LCFF Form and Student Emergency Card, please fill out and return to the front office.

      • If your child will be eating breakfast at school, please have them enter through the front gate of the school by the front office.  The front gate will open at 8:15am for any K-8 student who is arriving for breakfast.  Students will go the Multi-Purpose Room to eat their breakfast.  Weather permitting, we will be allowing students to eat breakfast at tables outside of the cafeteria. 

      • The Dunkirk/Playground gate will open at 8:25am for students in grades 1st - 8th.  We will not be using the Flagpole Entrance in the morning.

      • For Kindergarten students, a campus supervisor will be escorting Kindergarten students (those who arrived earlier to eat breakfast) from the cafeteria to the Kindergarten playground by 8:30am.  Once they arrive, the campus supervisor will open the Kindergarten gate to the Kindergarten playground to allow other Kindergarten students into the playground.  

      • School Entrance Map
      • Kindergarten Dismissal: Kindergarten students will dismiss at 1:57pm.  Ms. Vega and Ms. Ornelas' classes will dismiss from the Kindergarten playground gate.  Ms. Ballas and Ms. Cortez-Ramirez' classes will dismiss from the front office gate.  Students will only be dismissed to a parent/guardian at the gate unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher/front office.

      • 1st & 2nd Grade Dismissal: 1st - 2nd Grade Teachers will be dismissing their students at the Flagpole area at 2:50pm. Students will only be dismissed to a parent/guardian at the gate unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher/front office.  We will not dismiss a student to a parent who is waiting in their car along Dunkirk Dr.  

      • 3rd - 8th Grade Dismissal: 3rd - 8th Grade students will be dismissed through the Dunkirk/Playground gate.  Dismissal for 3rd-5th grades is at 2:50pm.  Dismissal for 6th-8th grades is at 3:03pm.  Older siblings who are picking up younger siblings will need to go the appropriate exit locations from the outside of campus (e.g., Flagpole for 1st-2nd grades).

      • School Exit Map
    • 2021-22 Bell Schedule (CLICK HERE)

      • Daily Instructional Schedule: K (8:40am - 1:57pm); 1-5 (8:40am - 2:50pm); 6-8 (8:35am - 3:03pm)

    • 2021-22 OSD School Calendar (CLICK HERE)

    • 2021-22 Dress Code Policy (CLICK HERE)

    • Current COVID-19 Safety Protocols: (CLICK HERE)

      • Full-day In-Person instruction will be provided 5 days per week

      • Masks are required indoors at all times except when eating and drinking

      • Masks are optional when outdoors

      • Playground structures will be open

      • Students will be allowed outside for recess/PE

      • Physical distancing is no longer required

      • Each classroom will continue to have hand sanitizer stations and air purifiers

      • Students will be able to share materials and supplies

      • Students are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles to fill at water stations

      • Parent/Classroom volunteers will not be permitted until further notice

      • Parents/Visitors will only be allowed on campus to conduct essential school related business (e.g., PTA meetings, ELAC, School Site Council); Zoom meetings will still be offered to parents as an option

      • Students need to stay home if they are sick

      • Daily Classroom cleaning will return to normal operations; Classrooms will be disinfected when a student exhibits COVID-like symptoms

    Kindergarten Orientation - Pre-Recorded

    • Kindergarten Orientation Presentation (CLICK HERE)

    • Recorded Zoom Kindergarten Orientation with Dr. Santamaria (CLICK HERE) 

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